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  • Ensuring that prep schools continue to offer a premium product which sets them apart from the rest of the sector
  • Creating an offering which is in line with the future of the workforce and sets children up for success
  • Fostering a culture of life-long learning so that children will pick up skills throughout their academic careers

  • What are the draft plans for the development of the next ISI framework and how can the current one be improved upon?

  • Adapting your curriculum, messaging, and overall offering to attract top students when customer demographics and demands are changing
  • Emphasizing the importance of soft skills, independence and overall wellbeing when designing the curriculum, whilst still delivering top exam results, with almost 75% of students being offered a scholarship to their senior schools
  • Fostering an environment of life-long learning where parents feel secure that their children will leave confident, socially aware and ready for work in the real world

  • Exploring the ways that independent schools can make a positive contribution to the green agenda
  • Encouraging the uptake of environmental education within the school curriculum
  • Demonstrating green credentials through work in the community in order to improve habitats and encourage biodiversity

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  • Considering the future of common entrance examinations in the UK and how they impact parents’ perceptions of the school
  • What are the arguments in favour of these tests and what about the views of the senior schools who no longer use them?
  • Can children easily cope with the demands of the 11&13+?

  • Putting students at the forefront of decisions, using a pupil-led school council to drive change and modernise policy
  • Adopting a pupil-led approach to work and play
  • Looking forwards, balancing modernity with tradition

  • Lessons from those who are changing the long-term culture of schools and successfully promoting mental health initiatives which match the needs of pupils and staff
  • Working with the whole-school community to support emotional wellbeing & resilience
  • Helping teachers to spot the warning signs of mental health problems in children and intervene early
  • Offering the support which is required to ensure that staff feel confident in themselves aswell as responding to pupils’ needs