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Elizabeth Winton

Head of Prepatory School
Loughborough Amherst School (Confirmed)

Elizabeth, known as Izzy, is the Head of the Preparatory School at Loughborough Amherst School which is part of Loughborough Schools Foundation. Before joining the School, Izzy had worked in the state sector taking on a variety of roles including SENDCo, Pupil Premium Coordinator and Deputy Head.  Izzy enjoys school improvement and works as an SLE in assessment and data through Headship Support and a local teaching school.  Izzy also sits on the Trust Board of the Saint Ralph Sherwin Multi-Academy Trust as the Vice-Chair.  Since joining the School, Izzy and her team have looked at the whole curriculum ensuring that we purposefully and consistently embed the skills needed for life as highlighted in the School’s Minerva approach.  In all of her work, she is driven to ensure that all pupils receive the very best educational experience that goes beyond the academic so that they are confident, compassionate and happy young people as they go out into the world.

  • Lessons from those who are changing the long-term culture of schools and successfully promoting mental health initiatives which match the needs of pupils and staff
  • Working with the whole-school community to support emotional wellbeing & resilience
  • Helping teachers to spot the warning signs of mental health problems in children and intervene early
  • Offering the support which is required to ensure that staff feel confident in themselves aswell as responding to pupils’ needs