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Charlie Harris

Wellbeing Lead
Cumnor House School Sussex (Confirmed)

Charley, whose background is an abundance of drama, dance, music and the creative arts, now serves as the dynamic Head of Year 3 at Cumnor House School, Sussex. Having recently added Wellbeing Lead to her list of responsibilities, Charley is aware of the need to prioritise wellbeing in our busy lives. Hailing from a vibrant, fast-paced background serving as a ‘stylist to the stars’ in the music industry, she witnessed first-hand the detrimental effects that the industry had on many of those around her. She has since found solace in teaching, passionately endorsing Forest School and yoga classes as part of a Wellbeing curriculum. ‘iSpace’ has been a fantastic platform for teaching children about mindfulness, empathy and emotional regulation. Teachers need a user friendly, child centred Wellbeing programme and Charley wholeheartedly believes that iSpace is just that. As a classroom practitioner, she uses the iSpace resources and vocabulary to deliver wellbeing lessons and provide a springboard to wider mental health discussions.

  • Lessons from those who are changing the long-term culture of schools and successfully promoting mental health initiatives which match the needs of pupils and staff
  • Working with the whole-school community to support emotional wellbeing & resilience
  • Helping teachers to spot the warning signs of mental health problems in children and intervene early
  • Offering the support which is required to ensure that staff feel confident in themselves aswell as responding to pupils’ needs